7 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Dearest Fola. You are really incredible your concern about my wellbeing in my absence has really been touching. Unfortunately I had to be away from the blog for some time due to some pretty tough situations I found myself in with Nigerian and Cameroonian security agencies mostly. I am back now and I will try to catch up with all your numerous questions subsequently.


      Fulan Nasrullah


  1. raiyaan mohammed

    I had gone through your blog and found it to be interesting. However i wish to clarify some issues bothering me as a concerned citizen regarding the issue of Boko haram. By going through your blog i made to understand that the dreaded boko haram terrorists group is compoed of four major groups; Shekau’s group inclusive however, one particular name was missing in the discussion i.e Mamman Nur. Pls can u kindly shed more light on this particular figure(Mamman Nur)? Secondly, please who is Momodu Bama ? Is he alive or death? and which group does he belong to? Thanks


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  3. Musty Lala

    Hi Fulan! Ur recent update on Maiduguri is quite revealing. Some of knew too well that propaganda is an aspect of warfare but we never expected a reputable Military like Nigeria Army to indulge in that. Its obvious Boko Haram is still intact and very much alive and planning a bigger operation. One tend to believe Senator Garbai than Federal govt and the Military. How best do Buhari solve this problem?


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