The Lake Chad: Bleak Reality Behind A Wall Of Propaganda

The war against the Boko Haram insurgency from the very start has been plagued by a severe lack of credible information and well formed understandings, both from the government side and from the insurgency. In the absence of credible information, analysts, so called experts, and even policy makers in the West, were forced to rely on speculations, assumptions, and tainted information to reach conclusions. The information situation only worsened as the propaganda war between the Nigerian government( and its MNJTF allies) and the insurgents took flight, until it has gotten to the point where very little information filters into the open source domain that is not a propaganda piece. Continue reading “The Lake Chad: Bleak Reality Behind A Wall Of Propaganda”

The Noose Tightens Around Maiduguri: Can It Survive A Long Grueling Siege?

The Noose Tightens Around Maiduguri


In 2014 after Shekau proclaimed the rule of an Islamic State over areas under his control in what is now understood to have been a preparatory move to his pledging allegiance to the so called Islamic State, Khalid Al-Barnawi who had recently at the time gone fully independent, announced at a meeting with his fighters that a plan had been developed to conquer Maiduguri, which was the greatest short term dream they all had. This plan had been called ‘Amaliyatuz-Zalzalah (Operation Earthquake). What he did not mention at that time was that the plan had been developed with Abubakar Shekau and Abu Usaamah Al-Ansari, before the declaration of an Islamic state by Shekau and the subsequent falling out.

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Over 4,000 Displaced In Recent ISWAP Operations In Borno State

December 11, Troops were ambushed while escorting food supplies  in full formation from Maiduguri to Bama at Ngurosoyi, and a Lt Col was killed amongst other casualties. The military truck carrying the food  was burnt down.

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Flash: Cameroonian Soldiers Raze Nigerian Village, Kill 150

According to the Associated Press, Cameroon’s Army some days ago attacked Nigerian civilians inside Nigerian territory, burning down their huts and killing 150 Nigerian citizens. The report is available here.


Winter Is Coming….

Borno: ISWAP Raids Bam and Ganjigana Villages, Abducts Females.

Islamic State’s West African Province’s fighters stormed Bam village in Biu LGA of Borno State, Northeastern Nigeria on Saturday at around 3:30AM local time, killing several persons said to have been working for the Nigerian government, Continue reading “Borno: ISWAP Raids Bam and Ganjigana Villages, Abducts Females.”

Can Senegal Bear The Costs Of A War With Boko Haram?

Within the previous weeks, the Senegalese government announced that it has arrested several people with links to Boko Haram, including the wife of a Boko Haram fighter, and several imams suspected of being propagators on behalf of the Boko Haram. In one of the arrests, over 500million CFA Francs (over N200million or close to $1million) was supposedly recovered from the home of the suspect. Another noteworthy fact is that a young man was arrested in Dakar whose brother died fighting in the Lake Chad insurgency over 1,000 miles away from Senegal. Continue reading “Can Senegal Bear The Costs Of A War With Boko Haram?”