About The Blog

About The Blog


Fulan’s SITREP was begun as a weekly contribution to the vineyardsaker.blogspot.com (which has now moved to http://thesaker.is) with the intention of shining a light on Nigeria’s information black hole of an insurgency. Slowly it became clear that the weekly Fulan’s SITREPs on The Vineyard Of The Saker did not cut it, plus the politics of The Saker and his followership did not quiet sit well with the reality of what is Boko Haram. The decision to establish a blog was not well thought out because I did not expect a blog to get the information I needed to get out, as far as I needed it to go. Initially I wanted to write a book, and I began writing a book (which I decided to put on hold for now) and I decided to put the book’s contents here on the blog. I was forced to adopt the SITREP style I initially used over at The Vineyard Of The Saker, but gradually I came to discover that although the aim of this blog and its end results are already laid out in my plans,  the direction of this blog is still evolving and how I present the information evolves with it.


The focus area of this blog is Nigeria, especially on the Boko Haram. What I write here is usually different from the mainstream media’s opinion articles and is usually like a looking glass into the world of Boko Haram. This is because mainstream media relies on guesswork articles written by people who google the same rubbish written by people like them, before writing. The end result is that 99.9% of what is written out there about Boko Haram is all wrong, and this is because it is not based on first hand information from the insurgents, or from having access to the insurgents, rather it is based on information either supplied by local intelligence agencies who really do not know much about the insurgents beyond what is available on Google, and on guesswork articles written by people who only know Boko Haram from Google, and from reports from people who happen to be Nigerian and living/lived in Maiduguri without really having any sort of access to the insurgents.


It is this lack of information about Boko Haram that this blog was really created to correct, and this its main focus.

I think the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my life is to hear that some fellow in London, or Paris, or Washington who probably visited Nigeria once or twice and never got fifty metres beyond his hotel room in whatever town he visited here, sits at home and makes himself an expert on Boko Haram, or on Nigeria or on the Niger Delta, because he has a Phd or he is an academic, and he goes out there writing books on Boko Haram and what have you. This is absurd. Even worse is when I see such arm chair experts making thousands of dollars on the lecture circuit, delivering speeches, appearing on the talkshows whenever the airheads need a pundit to come speak fancifully about a Boko Haram that he or she neither knows nor understands. And the worst blow to reason is that these arm chair specialists and experts are out there influencing and shaping policy, consulting to governments and misleading them to make strategic blunders in how they handle Boko Haram.

These same set of clownish experts in another era led Bush and the Republican Party to initiate disastrous invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, to create an open season drone war in Yemen and Pakistan, and to support every corrupt regime in the Muslim world that was willing to indulge in their perverted torture fantasies on the American dime. A policy that the Arab and Muslim world are still paying for ten years and more after.

Why is information about Boko Haram so hard to come by?


This is because there is a deliberate policy on both sides of the Boko Haram Conflict divide to keep the whole history, origin and information about the Boko Haram and the war against them under wraps. A lot of people walking free today in positions of power were responsible directly and indirectly for what became Boko Haram, either through negligence or funding/logistical support, and they would all rather prefer for the whole rotten soup of their involvement to be buried and forgotten,and the only way to do that is to make sure that nothing leaks out to the public sphere that may lead to making people curious enough to want to dig deeper into the graves where secrets are buried. Many people in authority in Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, whether in political or military or intelligence positions of power and authority would prefer for their roles in creating the nightmare that now stalks our collective dreams in this region to be buried and kept in graves so deep it would take  a one megaton thermonuclear bomb to dig them up.

For the insurgents, secrecy and confusion suits their aims, and one of the insurgent factions, that of Khalid Al-Barnawi, regards this secrecy and this information black hole as amongst the most effective weapons they have in their arsenal, even more effective than the suicide bomber or a bomb in a market place.

Why do they value secrecy so much? Because it keeps them away from scrutiny, it gives them an extremely extensive of operational freedom. They are able to plan and act, and the world is left gaping. They do not claim credit for what they do, their aim is not to be media celebrities not does Khalid Al-Barnawi nor his subordinates have any use for media publicity. And this secrecy serves them too well. There is no return address for the bombs they are exploding in N’Djadmena and Maiduguri, there is no video to analyse or audio to pore over and write tons of books about. Fighting such an enemy, is basically fighting a faceless enemy, a shape shifting creature that can plan and strike and you cannot find them not counterstrike against them.


Right now there are maybe three or four people still alive, who are free, who are not memebers of Boko Haram’s factions and who are not sympathizers that still have contacts and sources inside the insurgency, that still receives information from the insurgency albeit not through a one lane fast channel, and only one of them is stupid and foolish enough to run a blog. The others are too scared to try.


Long story short, you are either mad or suicidal to try to shine a light in this black hole. Maybe he is one or the other, I don’t know, but I know that the alternative of him not shining a light and just allowing the world languish in darkness, while safer for himself, does not in anyway help the rest of humanity, and at the end that is what all this is about. Service to humanity.




How Does This Blog  Get Information?


From the horse’s mouth itself.



How Is This Blog Funded?


This blog does not solicit for funding although donations are welcome, to donate contact us.

However Fulan Nasrullah reserves the right to bill for services rendered in assisting with research etc.

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