Over 4,000 Displaced In Recent ISWAP Operations In Borno State

December 11, Troops were ambushed while escorting food supplies  in full formation from Maiduguri to Bama at Ngurosoyi, and a Lt Col was killed amongst other casualties. The military truck carrying the food  was burnt down.

20th December 2015, 10 villages were attacked, in multiple coordinated attacks, some of which were burnt down completely. People displaced by these assaults began heading to the IDP camp at GGSS (Government Girls Secondary School) Biu. First day total of IDPs registered was 646 by the International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC). Reports from the camp as at 2:30 PM on Monday stated that by that time, 4000 persons displaced by these attacks, had been registered at the camp. The names of the villages where the people were sacked from include: Kamuya, Mangari, warawara, Allagarno, Sabon Gari, Faklah, Buratai, Miringa, and others. 
Aside, little assistance from the local government officials, which was negligible, no other sort of assistance has been provided as at the time of writing, whether by NEMA, the Borno State Government or any other federal or state government agency. The member representing Biu, Shani, Kwaya kusar, and Bayo Federal Constituency, Hon Muktari Betara sent in some relief materials yesterday.
The kids at the camp are the  most affected as they fled without adequate clothing, and the weather is terribly cold..
So far, the ICRC is still putting up tents to house these displaced persons..
Many Thanks To M.A for the pictures, and M.M for helping in confirmation

2 thoughts on “Over 4,000 Displaced In Recent ISWAP Operations In Borno State

  1. Rherbeeyear

    May God save us all this is so very sad, am excited coming to the Idp with about 500 sweaters and clothing a blankets. We will try all that it takes to see our people living with a little comfort no matter the situation.


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