A Situation Report And Situational Analysis On Recent Events In Zaria, Nigeria Part I





On  12th December 2015, a series of events occurred in Zaria City, Kaduna State of Northwestern Nigeria, that threaten to throw this country into greater chaos than we are already in. Subsequent to those events, a lot of disinformation and misinformation was thrown into the air by the two sides involved i.e the Nigerian military and the Shia Islamic Movement of Nigeria, as part of deliberate strategies to own the narrative of whatever is expected to come after this, from the very start.. This post is just an attempt to throw some clarity into what occurred, to put forward what I believe may likely occur, and to put certain things in  perspective.

You Can Skip The Personal Section Below To The Main Gist If You Are Not Interested In Religious Arguments


I am not a fan of the Shias. They are the worst amongst the creations of Allah, as even the Jinns have testified to the Taabi’een and the Imaams of the People of Sunnah over the ages.  I hate those who believe in the madness that they believe in. If there was an Islamic State, and the Khalifah or Ameer ordered a jihad against them, I would gladly rush to the forefront of such a jihad, BUT this hatred of them DOES NOT PREVENT ME from being just to them.

Allah Commanded the Muslims in Suratul-Maa’idah (Quran5):

“O ye who believe, be you firm witnesses to Allah in  Righteousness. Do not Allow the hatred of a people (that you have), to prevent you from being just (to them). BE JUST! For it is closer to Taqwa (Piety, Righteousness, Fear of Allah).”


And following on this injunction/commandment from my Lord, it is obligatory upon me to be JUST and FAIR in my judgements, narrations etc of what occurred that day in Zaria. After looking at it from all SIDES, and all CORNERS, I conclude that the  Shias were attacked and killed UNJUSTLY by the Nigerian Army acting on a pre-determined script, which the mistakes of the Shias that day gave them a pretext to carry out.

My position is not a popular one amongst many Salafis or the broader Muslim community, nor will I particularly get liked by the insane crowd cheering this unjust killing.

While I understand that the excesses of the Shias in Gyallesu in particular and Kaduna State in general has cost them whatever sympathy they normally would have got, I refuse to be with those who feel this massacre was just and acceptable since it was the Shias/Rawaafid that were killed.

I say while the Shias are the worst of Allah’s Creations, and their creed is abominable in its entirety, we are however Muslims who should judge only based on Sharia. They were attacked unjustly and killed unjustly, their creed does not justify this. Secondly, they were living in Amanah with the Muslims and the Christians due to the pact which we all entered into called Nigeria. Thirdly,  the incidental friends you people had in the Nigerian Army did not kill them for the sake of Islam, or to establish Islam and wipe out their filthy creed. They killed them for the sake of securing Nigeria’s power and preventing the current system from being threatened by them. This last part should scare Izala especially and every Muslim who believes in the obligation of establishing Shariah generally. The same  threat Zakzaky and his movement posed to Nigeria’s security is the same threat the Salafis, Izala and anyone who seeks to establish Shariah poses (TMC, Ta’awunul-Islam, MSSN etc). All that has to be done is to grow as strong as Zakzaky and his people grew, remain as united as they are, and actively start working on removing this system of governance whether through elections or violence or boycotting the institutions of state, and the same hands and weapons used to kill the Shias now, will be activated to crush you also. Bala Lau and co in Izala, again should keep this little fact in mind.


With this, I close the personal section..




I will firstly lay out the events as they occurred, before laying out my analysis of what led to this, and what will most likely occur onwards from now.

The Six Sons Of Zakzaky Pictured In The Featured Image Of This Post, Have All Been Killed By The Nigerian Army. 


The Shia religion was first introduced to Nigeria in the early 1980’s by a young man from a village just outside Zaria, named Ibrahim, who had recently from studying in Khomenei-led Iran. He first began teaching his new creed at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, disguising it in the political language of liberating Palestine from the Jews (which every Muslim buys into), ending American aggression, arrogance and imperialism, and establishing an Islamic Republic under which Muslims would be ruled by the Sharia. These ideas, combined with his powerful oratory and the perception many people had of him as educated, wise, intellectually gifted and cultured in contrast to the old school mallams who couldn’t speak any form of English.

Iranian financing and support from Lebanese Shias living in Northern Nigeria soon helped Ibrahim Az-Zakzaky and his movement expand into a massive body that drew in over a million people across Northern Nigeria. This so called Islamic Movement targeted mostly poor rural communities which have been oppressed and neglected by society, using cash, the promise of justice and equity in an Islamic Republic, the promotion of brotherhood, and the availability of affordable modern education (the so called Boko), which it provided at great cost, to lure multitudes in.


When the Islamic Movement of Ibrahim Az-Zakzaky first began, it was dismissed as another unrealistic Islamist movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian security services, and this dismissal was because that era was a time when one new islamist group gets established each day in Northern Nigeria, only to fizle out before the end of two years.

However by the late 1990’s, the military and security services hardened their perception of the so called Islamic Movement, elevating it to the level of a portent insidious national security threat. They were alarmed by the degree of Iranian control over the movement, the movement’s relations with Hezbollah, its  fanatical adherence to Wilayatul-Faqih, and its rejection of Nigeria and Nigerian authorities, instead accepting the Supreme Leader of Iran as the only legitimate authority they answer to, and Ibrahim Az-Zakzaky as the Rahbar’s viceroy in Nigeria.

According to a former highly placed military intelligence officer in the Abacha regime, it was decided at the highest levels, that the military and the entire national security apparatus must do whatever they can to keep the Shias out of the establishment, which they were well suited to infiltrate with their high literacy rates. Coupled with the group’s accumulation of arms and receiving of training and support from Iran via Hezbollah’s operatives in Nigeria and the Iranian consulate in Kano, the military and the national security architecture have vigorously tried to enforce a policy of containing the Shias and their influence in society, and keeping them out of the establishment, clamping down on them whenever it was deemed that they were becoming too troublesome, or that their strength needed to be bleeded out a bit. This started during the Abacha years, and has been faithfully implemented right into the democratic era.

Last year, the military attacked the Shias in Zaria without provocation or cause, using disproportionate force, and killing over 35 Shias including three sons of Zakzaky. There was widespread condemnation, and it took the personal intervention of the then Kaduna State governor who worked behind the scenes to  approach the Iranian ambassador and the consul in Kano to reach out to Zakzaky to prevail on him to control his followers and prevent an escalation of hostilities.

According to a serving military officer, Unknown to the governor and the wider world, military units had been beefed up in and around Zaria starting two days before the incident shootings occurred, and the military was prepared to use any retaliation by the Shias as an excuse to go in and destroy the Zakzaky movement, its structures and identified leadership. This officer said the decision to dismantle the so called Islamic Movement was taken by the national security apparatus sometime last year, before the attacks in Zaria. Asked if this was a decision the political leadership signed off on, he replied that on fundamental threats to Nigerian security, the  military’s intelligence services operate outside the regular system, keeping the political leadership out of the loop if necessary, as the security of Nigeria surpasses the legal requirement of civilian control of the military. The politicians have always displayed a lack of understanding of the complex world of national security, and usually made political decisions that were detrimental to the country’s national security. Hence informally there is a tacit understanding within the national security community, that on such fundamental issues affecting the core security interests of Nigeria’s security, the politicians are kept out of the chain of decision making.

The Zaria shootings last year of over 35 Shias including three of Zakzaky’s sons were the opening salvo in an undeclared war. The Army had moved significant destructive resources into areas in and around Zaria, hoping to be given an excuse by the Shias to go in and cut off the heads of the snake (structures, arm caches and leadership), which it believed were sequestered in the Gyallesu area of the city where the Shias had established their headquarters. Wisely the Shias refrained from falling into the trap the military had carefully set for them, and after several attempts to provoke a reaction went unsuccessful, the Army stood down its forces brought in for this mission.

There was an eerie peace over Zaria following this. To the average people, the  violence that was expected to follow the killing of Zakzaky’s sons did not materialize, and life quickly went back to normal. Behind the calm scenes however, the military and the Shias were busy positioning themselves for when the next battle in this war will occur. According to the aforementioned military intelligence officer, the Army’s Directorate of Military Intelligence aka DMI, stepped up intel gathering against the movement, seeking to develop a more accurate picture of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the way it is structured and run, with a focus on identifying weak points that if hit hard would cause the movement to crumble and disintegrate. .

With this stepped up intelligence gathering campaign, came the formulation of a proper plan to be implemented if the opportunity presents itself. However, the restraint exercised by the Shias even after they were targeted by suicide bombers that they rightly or wrongly assumed to have been sent not by Boko Haram, but by the Nigerian military, prevented such an opportunity from arising.



The Events Of 12th December 2015

There are several versions of what happened on that day, what led to what happened, and what was just justified or not in what happened. I have listened to first hand briefings from all sides, i.e the Army’s, the Shia’s, people who were neither with the Army or the Shias but were present at the scene.  And I have watched multiple videos of the incident many of which will never be released to the public domain. Whatever conclusions I have reached here, I have reached after careful analysis and a sincere attempt to understand all that transpired on that day. I may be right or completely wrong, I may never know as I was not a participant or a decider in these events, but my work here as been done in good faith.


On the 11th of December 2015, the Shias and the Sufis of the Tijjaniyyah Tariqah engaged in fighting after changes were made in the leadership of a mosque which was jointly controlled by them. This was in a small village just outside Zaria. The fighting involved the use of sticks, knives and machetes on both sides. Surprisingly, the Army (not the Police which has first jurisdiction in such incidents) appeared on the scene, and in the attempt to control the situation, killed three Shia youths. Now accounts of this incident are hotly disputed.

The Nigerian Army insists that its soldiers were threatened and used live ammunition to defend themselves from the fighters, killing the three Shias in the process. The Shias denounce this account as lies, and insist that the soldiers did not attempt to disperse the fight, rather they opened fire only on the Shias. The Sufis say that the Army did attempt to disperse the fight, but that the Shias were adamant and resisted the military’s efforts to disperse the fight, following which the soldiers opened fire. Whatever the truth was, three Shias were killed, and tensions rose as the community remembered how the same Army killed over 35 of their number just last year, including three sons of Zakzaky.

The next morning, the  Shias began a procession, protesting their deaths the night before. While on their way through Zaria town, they were informed that the Chief Of Army Staff, Lt.Gen Tukur Buratai was on his way through the town, and they thus proceeded to block his path.

They were armed with nothing except sticks and stones and the like at this time, which would  not have been enough to overpower the COAS’s security detail or smash through his bulletproof vehicle body. However the Shias blocked the road, with the the overt intent of protesting to the COAS, the killing of three of their number the previous night by the Nigerian Army.

The Shias did not initially attack the convoy of the Chief Of Army Staff, instead they were chanting and refusing passage. The initial reaction of the COAS’s escort personel was to prepare to open fire, this was only averted by an officer (seen in the video) who was screaming hysterically “Don’t shoot! don’t shoot!”.

The officer then proceeded to demand and subsequently plead that the Shias open the road and allow the COAS’s convoy through, but the Shias refused to do so unless they address the COAS himself, accusing him and the Army of deliberately oppressing their sect and seeking to exterminate them. The Officer did not acknowledge their demands, but rather kept insisting that they first clear the road and allow the convoy through. When he kept dismissing their angry protests of the killings the night before of three Shias by the Army, and the killings of over 35 Shias in 2014 again by the Army, the Shia youths began to stone the convoy and increased the tempo of the shouts. Shortly thereafter, the soldiers opened fire on orders said to have been given by a senior officer in the convoy. The crowd scattered and people began to run helter-skelter, but the soldiers fanned out systematically spraying the area the Shia protesters were fleeing to with live rounds. Shortly thereafter, reinforcements arrived, on both sides. Armed Shias who had rushed to arm up from the sect’s caches in Gyallesu and other areas of Zaria on hearing that their brothers were under attack, rushed in and met military reinforcements rushing to beef up the COAS’s security detail, and provide a safe exit for the COAS. Gunfire was exchanged on both sides. By the time the smoke cleared, between thirty and forty people lay dead, most of them Shias. 

At some minutes past 7pm, Shia sources say that Ibrahim Az-Zakzaky was informed that the Nigerian Army was making preparations to storm Gyallesu and kill him.

The Shia leader was advised to go into hiding by his closest advisors, and he initially resisted the idea but ultimately he was pressured by his advisors to accede to this advice.

From 6pm, military units drawn from Kaduna, Abuja and Kano began pouring into Zaria, amongst them elements of the 176 special forces battalion of the Brigade of Guards, which according to the senior military intelligence officer, was given the responsibility of leading the door-to-door assault operations .

Sometime after 9pm, the Army finished encircling the neighbourhood for the most part and launched its assault. The orders given to the soldiers were simple, use maximum force, terminate with extreme prejudice anyone deemed to pose any sort of threat to the soldiers, except designated persons who were to be captured alive if possible.

The military’s assault on Gyallesu was met with armed resistance contrary to what is widely believed, and some soldiers may likely have perished. While the assault was ongoing, Shias in Zaria called Shia youths in Zango area of Kaduna telling them that Mallam was under attack, the Army was searching specifically for mallam, and that God Would ask the Shias of Zango, Tudun Wada, Kaduna if they did not rush to aid Mallam (meaning Zakzaky), and instead abandoned him like Al-Hussain was abandoned at Karbala. Over 120 young men I can confirm left Tudun Wada, Kaduna that night headed for Zaria, none of them returned. It is believed they died in the fighting at Gyallesu.

Sometime in the morning the next day 13th December 2015, the soldiers finally battled their way to Zakzaky’s house where they captured the younger Turi, Mahmud Turi who was tortured according to eyewitness accounts from both sides, and refused to betray where Zakzaky’s location was. Seeing that he was of no practical use to them in finding Zakzaky, the commander of the detachment that captured Turi radioed for orders, and was given the order which he passed on to his men, to kill Mahmud Turi. Turi was riddled with bullets and his body bagged and tagged along with the bodies of other top members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. These bodies are now believed to be in the custody of the Army’s Directorate of Military Intelligence.

One of Zakzaky’s sons was executed in front of the house also, and according to eyewitnesses on both sides, Zeenat, Zakzaky’s wife, was inside the house along with many other people, when it was brought down by the special forces operators.


According to the senior military intelligence officer whose account of how Zakzaky was found was corroborated by other senior officials in the national security establishment, Zakzaky was found by the DMI Signals Intelligence Division who tracked the call Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai made to Zakzaky that day. Was the governor aware that his call was to Zakzaky was tracked? this remains unclear.

What is clear is that Zakzaky’s location was triangulated using that call, and that shortly thereafter, troops drawn from the crack 145 Battalion arrived in the area the Shia leader was holed up,  with elements of the Nigerian Navy’s Special Boat Service said to be assisting the men of 145 Battalion.

There was a firefight, and Zakzaky was shot six times (according to what was attributed to the doctor who first treated Zakzaky at 1 Division’s medical centre before he was moved to 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital where he was operated upon and then moved again) before he was dragged out of the hole/bunker in which he had sought refuge.


Was The Army’s Actions In Zaria Planned?

The answer is yes and no. What happened in Zaria was not initially planned, but it gave the necessary pretext the Nigerian military establishment needed to activate its operational plan to demonize, decapitate and dismantle the Zakzaky-led Islamic Movement of Nigeria, before it grows too big to handle.

The road block incident in my opinion falls into one of two categories:

  1. It was a staged encounter, the Shias were baited and lured there and the pretext needed to activate the plan was encouraged to be created there. It could perhaps be argued that the killing of the Shias the night before, the leaking of the COAS’s ETA and travel route, and the making sure there were cameras around to record certain scenes, were part of a grand conspiracy to ensure that a necessary pretext was generated from that incident.
  2. It was not staged, but it was hijacked and manipulated to create the necessary pretext for the military establishment to launch its attempt to dismantle the Islamic Movement of Nigeria led by Zakzaky.

Whatever the case, somewhere along the line, while the incident of the roadblock was ongoing, it was decided by someone or some people to initiate this plan.




I believe the Human Rights Watch was extremely conservative in its estimate of the number of people that died in this fighting. A more realistic figure would be closer to a thousand, probably 700 or more. This is going by the number of people missing, reported to have been killed etc from Shia sources. The number of Shias from Zango, Tudun Wada, Kaduna and from Unguwar Mu’azu, Kaduna that went to Gyallesu the night of 12th December, and are believed to have perished in the fighting there, alone pass the 150 mark.

A large number of the Shias killed in Gyallesu were young men, followed by women and then children caught in the cross-fire. The men were deliberately targeted. After it became clear that vetting combatant young men from non-combatant young men in the heat of fighting was not possible. Many more were summarily executed in the search for Zakzay, including three of Zakzaky’s sons.



Hundreds of Shias are said to be held in detention in military facilites across Kaduna, and Kano states. They are being kept in appalling conditions, and there is frankly no direction on what to do with them




The case of Az-Zakzaky is a complex one. He was first taken from Zaria to 1 Division Headquarters, Kawo, Kaduna where he was given first aid at the medical centre there. However due to his gun shot wounds which included shrapnel in his face (there are credible rumours that he may have lost an eye),  he was moved to 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital in Tudun Wada, Kaduna, where he was operated upon, according to miltary sources.  He was then moved to a DMI facility in the outskirts of Abuja.  He is not in the custody of the Nigerian Police Force as at the time of writing this post, as is being claimed. Rather there are credible reports that he may be in terrible condition or close to death, and it was claimed by the DMI, that they have moved him to a hospital in Lagos, as he needed surgery that could only be performed there. This was within the last 48 hours.


Political Machinations

This incident occurred without the knowledge beforehand, or permission of President Muhammadu Buhari. In fact, the President himself has tacitly recognized that on fundamental issues of national security, the military will not hesitate to act without seeking his permission. The defence establishment ran the operation autonomously without keeping the political leadership in the loop. The Ministry Of Interior, the Police and the SSS were also kept out of the loop. The Army has point-blank refused to grant access to Zakzaky and other Shia leaders it has in its custody to the MOI, DSS and NPF. It as a matter of fact refused to even tell them in what state Zakzaky was being held.  The President himself in this dispute between the MOI, the DSS and the NPF versus the Army and to a lesser extent the Navy and Airforce, has made it clear that he will not interfere in the Army’s campaign to dismantle Zakzaky’s group, despite that the other agencies have argued that ultimately this military plan will risk causing more problems than it has solved.


What Led To The Military Deciding On This Strategy?

Firstly, was the fear of a Hezbollahization of Zakzaky’s movement. They were gaining supporters, and creating an open pro-Iranian fifth column inside Nigeria that made it clear that it owed its fealty and allegiance to the Iranian Supreme Leader, not to any local religious or traditional leader. This fifth column was also receiving arms and training from Iran through the Iranian consulate in Kano (which is spied on by the Saudis, Egyptians, Americans, Nigerians, Israelis etc), and through Hezbollah via the Lebanese Shia community in Kano and Abuja.

The fear of a well armed, well trained, religiously committed , too large to wipe out , Iranian fifth column exercising veto powers over Nigeria’s security and political direction as Hezbollah has done in Lebanon, scared Nigeria’s security policy makers beyond anything else. This fear extends back into the 90s.

To prevent such a scenario occurring, it was decided last year to demonize, dismantle and decapitate the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, and to reduce it to just another religious sect, not the highly organized cultlike group it is.





Part Two will look at what factors led to this particular incident, including foreign pressure. It will also look at what may happen in the short and long term as a result of this incident, and also at what can be expected if it comes out that Zakzaky is dead.


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  1. WolfGang

    Fulan, this is a brilliant write up. I have been coming to your site multiple times a day to see your point of view since this incident happened. I was not disappointed. What’s Iran’s long term strategy? What would they gain by Hezbollahanization of Nigeria?

    President Buhari appointed the COAS right? Why not fire him, if the Army leadership does not accept civilian oversight and does not inform/answer to the President on certain issues? The President’s silence on this issue is disturbing. I understand most Nigerian Muslims are Sunni and that’s why there has not been.much outcry. In this age, no one should be hated or killed, simply because of their religion or political leanings.


    1. WolfGang. This is not the issue of religion but a threat to the security of the nation. One of the campaigns against PMB then was he will trying Islamist Nigeria. The military is now fighting the extremist who do not be obey the constitution and same people are it is wrong. I am honestly confused.

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    2. Modi

      I saw a picture of PMB decorating Buratai to mark his promotion from a 3 star to a 4 star general. The pertinent question is: where’s the constitutionality in all that’s happened?


  2. Gcon

    Where a senior ranking officer of the army stands down the dutiful, gun ready to blaze soldiers to try talk peace, they insist on speaking with the COAS in person else they wouldn’t move. How can this be preplanned?
    Let’s put somethings in perspective here.
    1. If they could block the COAS from moving, they can do that to anyone even the President.
    2. The implications of the COAS stepping out of his car are grave. What if there is a snipper stationed somewhere. How would it be said that the COAS was killed by this group.
    3. If there was a need to table their grievances with an educated leader as zakzakay, the highway was sure not the place.
    4. If you, the writer of this well articulated piece can do such daring research and get your findings, I can say for sure that the leaders of this group also knew the plot to wipe them out (Iranian intelligence is top notch. If you have this info, I say they do too)
    While the death of anyone is regrettable, from the above, my conclusion is that they just wanted to die.

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    1. Sadiq

      Someone is talking sense here. Thumbs up. As for Fulan, your impressive writeup is moreorless accusatory towards the NA rather than being balanced as you claimed in your introduction. I’m rather not in support of unjust killings but the situation the coas convoy found itself that fateful day was capable of yielding the outcome we saw anywhere in the world not just Nigeria. And for any country’s security apparatus not to be alert and have a workable plan towards a threat to national security means that country is doomed.


  3. Muhammad Bello

    I believe in your treatise, but my take on this is that national security is of most paramount import here. And you do not go and stand in front of a moving train and expect not to be riled. And have you thot of Iranization of Nigeria by a body who owes allegiance only to Iran? Could we be witnessing another boko haram growing in our own backyard and we aa usual maintain illicit silence and inaction? Its a complex issue and needs to be tackled carefully. The loss of lives is quite regrettable.


  4. J.K Lawal Lawal

    As a muslim myself, I do not see any sensible motive in any Islamic Commitment or Movement beyond focusing on the 5 Pillars of Islam! Any religious movement that entails overt or covert cross-border and clandestine relations with foreign institutions or bodies whose friendly relations with our country cannot always be determinedhe or guaranteed is clearly a security risk. More so, with todays experience regarding Alqaida, Boko Haram, ISIS, e.t.c. If the CIA would stop at nothing to crush any threat considered grave to America’s security without recourse to the US President, why should anyone blame the purportedly planned decapitation or degrading of this so called Islamic Movement’s leadership and increasigly growing militancy without involving PMB! Except that the Army here is not like the CIA in America, given their historical antecedents of intervention in politics and the obvious danger of giving them a rope that may turn out to be far too long and too dangerous for the security and health of our democracy!


  5. maikudi kabir kankia

    i have been looking for ways to know exactly what happened. thank God for this writup, i know have a clear picture of really happened. agreed with you #Gcon ; they just want to die!!!. cant wait to read the second part of the article.


  6. Umar shariff

    Well, it’s a sound write up, but there are many holes left unfilled, as the writer did not come to the conclusion of this piece. However, my opinion on the situation is that, no responsible government will fold it’s hands and be watching some unscrupulous elements causing or trying to cause confusion in the society in the name of religion. As you are aware, the population of Muslims in Nigeria has about 95% Sunni, even when there is division of sects among the Sunnis. And they all believed in the caliphet of the four ( 4 ) sahabas of prophet ( SAW ). Not only that, the group if allowed will become much more aggressive than Boko haram. However, conclusion of this comments shall not be concluded until the part two of your write up is out. I really enjoyed reading the piece.


  7. ish

    my friend just be truthful to ur self and what you said. Assuming it’s you in the position of COAS Buratai and you are blocked by mob with arms and all these pleadings to give way was done, what will you have done? We already knew the shiaits and the way the go on the security personnels in this country irrespective of they personnel whether Military or Paramilitary. if said justice then this is justifiable self defense.


  8. Freeman

    Haba people in Nigeria taking order from Iran hmmmm this is a foolish thing to do. They just want to die. No matter how they come up they will still die.


  9. A well articulated piece, very brilliant write-up, and to those feeling Fulani is loof-sided you are wrong he has spoken the truth. And to those who are happy over the death of a Muslim, Fulani has provided you with enough justification on why it is wrong to do so with hujjat from Quran, you want to dispute him simply because of prejudice, go ahead we all will account for our deeds in the hereafter.


  10. umar

    like you, are few in the society, and this call for a job welldone. But, fault are not enough for a complex issue like this. Let us get apossible solution at the end of your next article.


  11. Orthofair

    May Allah will come to past…
    Destined it is Nigeria will remain a secular state and if the army can live with democracy then others should without exception. Indeed a good investigative write up


  12. Uthmaan sulaimaan



  13. Nnamdi

    *Claps continuously in appreciation of beautiful writeup*

    Thanks Oga Fulan. May Almighty bless you for this beautiful reportage. Too bad (good?) you don’t drink beer, I’d gladly offered you a cold one. Lol

    The beauty of this writeup is the lovely balance from matures contributions from earlier commented above whom bias I also share.

    It is foolhardy to see a deadly trap and walk into one with useless braggadocio as seen in the video – be it trap or not.

    The yorubas have a funny proverb that “eni t’a fe sun t’o n f’epo para”, meaning ” it is foolishness of a man sentenced to burning at stake that makes him bathe in oil”.

    I will hop to the concluding part to get more info.

    Again, God bless you sir.


  14. Bala

    While the text is superb, but the content seems polarized. It would have made more sensible if it were more objective and balanced. Intellectual minds will easily spot the biased arguments contain therein. While both the Shi’ites and the NA might have acted inappropriately, the action of the Shi’ites was the precursor to the whole scenario. The death wouldn’t have occurred if they didn’t block the road or probably if they yielded to the plea by the NA.
    Though the clash was inevitable at a point and the overwhelming power of the military was visibility seen, the whole issue would have been solved if someone acted more responsibly.


    1. I said this to someone on twitter yesterday and I will respectfully repeat it here sir, no offense but I dont hold brief for either the shias or the Nigerian Army. Thus my posts should NOT BE construed as an ATTEMPT TO VILIFY the Nigerian Army, or to absolve the Shias of any blame, or even to do blame-laying, blaiming, blame-placing. It is not my responsibility to place blame, lay blame, blame anyone or everyone. I called things as I saw or heard them. I may be seeing through tainted lenses, seeing a distorted picture, hearing funny sounds, there is that possibility. But I have done my part and called them as I saw them. What is left to the reader is to decide if I am calling things accurately or inaccurately, if I am right or wrong, or whatever, and to work with their decision.


  15. Nasiru Bantan

    A master piece I enjoy reading your write up, but along the lines you betray your introduction, what I believe is that no writer can escape his emotions no matter how neutral he tried to be because we were cage with that sympathy as a human so I can’t judge you with that.
    I believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


  16. Mohammwd W. Shebe

    You writeup is full of lies. The 3 Shais were not killed a day to 12 of December. The questions are: Why is Zakzaky having a bunker? Why are they not obeying the laws of Nigeria? Why is he having a military formation. Knowing what Islam is, why are they abusing prophet Muhammad and others? Their activities is shameful. Giving the Nigerian population, we can afford to wipe out all Shias so that we can leave peacefully. May God bless Buratai! God bless Nigeria!


  17. Sani Musa

    Pls wake up! Whether planned or not,a movement that illicitly armed itself and owe no allegiance to Nigeria is a serpent that needs to be beheaded! Do we sit back and allow the armed movement to grow out of control? Enough is enough! You may block my way but to try and humiliate the Chief of Army Staff, HABA!!!


  18. Aminu

    I commended your efforts on this well thought academic exercise. However it exposed the dangerous, unislamic and unpatriotic antics of Shiates rather than attracting any sympathy to their cause. No any serious nation will allow such blatant attract and humiliation to its military as an institution. The army took reasonable and lawful decision at the right time.


  19. AMINU

    الحمد لله الذي جعل اعدا انا حمقا
    ما يلفظ منقول الا لديه رقيب عتيد


    1. It is true that Prophets and Messengers (May Allah Ta’ala have Mercy on them all) were tried by Allah (SWT). But we must not lose sight of the fact that they were tried in the course of Islam and not Shia. Shia, as documented in Shia scholarship, was conceived by Abdullahi Bin Sabah (a Jew from Sana’ah in Yemen) after the demise of the Prophet (SAW). It was conceived with the sole purpose of destroying Islam. Allah (SWT) helps not deviators.


  20. Ahmed

    Thanks for providing a background and insightful info on the situation,however NA having monopolised neutralisation of the threat of the sect ought to have extensively capture by now considering the length of time they have been on the trail of the sect the identities of all individuals famileis elites belonging to the sect just incase they decided to go the bokoharam way,fighting them would not be a mess like we have with bokoharam.


  21. Ilyasu A Gital

    No one is allowed to waste his life
    If you want matyredom declare jihad on a just course
    Fighting on the street to test ur strength is not test of Iman
    Lets do things to Allah the way he wants them done in order to earn his blessing and rewards
    One of our strength in Nigeria is human resources let us not waste it by all or every means
    If our struggle is genuine lets invite everyone It is when we are prevented from the process of inviting all that we can resort to other means if we are strong or else migrate to a more accomodating environment


  22. Sagagi

    A significant aspect of the write up left out is the relationship of the shia to the Zaria population, particularly the emirate, the academia and specially resident of gyallesu and its environs. My understanding is that the shia have largely succeeded in arising bad feelings among majority of Zaria populace and zakzaky never really cared. This attitude counted against them.


  23. OBS

    If the information in this write up is correct, you have really educated us on the whole scenario. Thanks, however the inferences i can draw from the write up without even waiting for your concluding part will align me to the actions the military take. (1). The situation is avoidable had the shite not block the COAS entourage, or getting adamant despite the plea to allow passage. That they were armed with sticks etc is non issue, the way they mobilise arms and resources within 12 hours or there about to engage the military in a gun duel shows that the blockade was pre-planned to creat trouble, they only met a fire power not expected in our military ( You know our military of yesterday easily surrender to boko haram due to ill equipment). (2). The group relation with external forces is a threat to security of the country, this no serious government will fold hands and watch. The financial and arms supports from Iran and others to the group should be investigated. (3). What is the essence of the group building up arsenal of arm if not to creat trouble in the near future? Should the security operatives wait till it’s too late? The military is only doing its job by placing the group on security watch list, and to me all the group activities of recent are security threat. In all, i will say you are entitled to your conclusion which may not necessarily be right but at least you have provided a basis for further discuss


  24. Muazu wali

    This is the most ridiculous view I have seen on this issue. There are so many contradictions even in the use of legal provisions. We learn from the Qur’an that when a group becomes a threat to the ummah fight them until law and order is restored. Nigeria is accepted as a secular state. Therefore the nation’s security is the responsibility of government. Using its intelligence resources government can nip crisis before they escalate. President Obasanjo destroyed a whole community, President Yar’adu attacked Yusuf before movement turned into Book Haram. Whatever the basis, religious, political or communal crisis which is likely yo lead to security threats will be taken up with all the seriousness it deserves.


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