Reports Indicate Army, Suspected Terrorists Clash In Okene, Kogi State

Here and here, media reports have been pouring in that troops of the Nigerian Army clashed with Muslim/Jihadist militants in Okene, Kogi State today. The general reception of the news has been shock and alarm and of course confusion over what transpired.

Firstly, the militants the Army clashed with today are known by common folk as As-Sunnah, although this is not an official name per se. They are led by Mallam Baba (I can’t really bring out his real name from my head), and have comrades in the form of Mallam Mustafa and his students also in the town.

They are not affilliates of Boko Haram, ISWAP, Shekau, in any way at all, well as when last I checked which by the way was last week. However they share certain core beliefs including a rejection of the Sultan of Sokoto as an Islamic leader, the practice of mass takfir (labelling Muslims as apostates), they reject democracy (we Salafis also reject democracy) and they label all democrats as apostates(on this Salafis and Khawarrij differ, explanation to come in another post), they believe it is right to rebel against the Islamic leader if he is an innovator, a sinner, or an oppressor (on this we differ, explanation to come in another post), and they believe any woman who does not use niqab is a prostitute (this is outright madness, what is majorly acccepted by the scholars of shariah of the past as obligatory is the hijaab to the floor, niqab is taken as a recommended action but not an obligation, except by a minority, and even this minority never labelled non-niqabbed women who wear the obligatory hijaab as prostitutes).

I know quite a bit of how this cancer emerged and grew in Okene and I will be posting on that subsequently, In Shaa Allah.

Meanwhile if the Nigerian government has gotten serious about cutting off terrorism in this country, they should start looking at Muhammad Auwal Jabata in Ilorin seriously. I am sure they know his name. For those who don’t, he is a takiri ‘sheikh’ (really an ignoramus) based in Ilorin who has labelled every Muslim other than Boko Haram and his followers to be apostates and has reached out to Boko Haram’s various faction sin the past seeking to join his sect to them. An alliance was ruled out by the insurgents because of what they described as his and his sect’s ignorance. It is safe to call him the next Boko Haram who is just waiting for when he is strong enough to launch his uprising


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