Things Just Got Messier

Just when it seemed the world was as messed up as it could possibly be for one week, along comes the one man nobody expected to reappear, and two bombs go off around Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

While the Nigerian government still does not officially know who or what was behind yesterday’s bomb attacks in Kuje, FCT, and Nyanya, Nassarawa State, rumours are out that Mamman Nur the erstwhile evil genius behind some of the most daring operations by Muslim insurgents against the Nigerian State, has supposedly reappeared after a long and abrupt disappearance from the scene and has gone back to his favourite past time; hurting Nigeria where it feels it can hardly be touched.

While nobody is sure of where exactly he has appeared from, what is certain is that he has appeared within the ranks of his best friend Khalid Al-Barnawi, and that he was accompanied in his reappearance by  some ‘interesting foreigners’.

Although, I am just getting to know of his return from the land of the lost, he apparently returned back to the land of the active fighters about a month ago, and has been keeping a low profile, albeit working with a team Khalid Al-Barnawi seems to have assigned to him. On another note, a source emissaries from the Islamic State West African Province (not from Islamic State Libya or Central, but known veterans of the pre 2009 days), have been engaging in some kind of conversation with emissaries of Khalid Al-Barnawi, but so far what is being discussed is not known beyond those doing the discussions and the principal actors behind these talks.

The return of Mamman Nur does not portend well for security around Nigeria’s capital. Expect to probably see more attacks hit the FCT, more daring operations like the jailbreaks of the past, more headline grabbing stuff generally.  But on a positive note, the mystery of what has become of arguably the most dangerous enemy Nigeria has, has been cleared up by his reappearance by the side of his best friend Al-Barnawi, but the mystery of who the foreigners he came with are (particularly since one of them is said to not be Arab or African, and only understands Standard Arabic), is yet to be revealed, likewise the mystery of where he has been all this while.


4 thoughts on “Things Just Got Messier

  1. Wolfgang

    You make Mamman Nur sound like Rambo. He did nothing extraordinary. They hit the outskirts; Kuje and Nyanya which any Tom, Dick and Harry can do. Hit Asokoro or Aso Rock lets see. Hit Lagos….Boko Haram announced an Islamic caliphate and then subsequently lost territory. They are still alive because they have the luxury of going to ground and conducting hit and run/ suicide attacks.


  2. Question is how do these Terrorist Masterminds creep through Nigerian Intelligence. I have three theories:
    1. Nigerian Intelligence is incompetent.
    2. Nigerian Intelligence is Subordinated to Political Interests hence retinence in following politically-linked terrorists.
    3. Nigerian Intelligence is working with Boko Haram.
    I would personally go with (1)


  3. Fola

    Nigeria’s “COIN war” has been on for about 5 years now, but we are yet to arrest any major financer(s) of these terrorists; so I’d say it’s a mix and match of all three theories, and more!

    I believe Kabir Sokoto, Ogwuche, and the many other senior BHT members caught would have at least provided the DSS/NPF/DIA valuable intel into the inner workings of this group – enough for our agencies to nab financers/suppliers/backers of this group.

    Special attention should be paid to their supply chain and sources of finance. At least one is made to believe that “OperationLafiyaDole” has effectively weaken them to an extent that they can’t carryout raids on NA ammo bases again; hence, they’ll (likely) soon run out of ammo if they continue their confrontations with NA. Based on this, i can surmise that their current stock of “stolen” NA ammo will not last another 6months?

    May be hasty, but it is what i can discern from the reports we are getting in the South.

    PS: May be you should do an update of the current battle situation: territory still held by BHT; active battle areas etc.



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