Important Announcement: New Domain Name

Dear Readers,

This blog has moved today  to a new domain name still hosted on the WordPress platform. This move was necessitated because of the threat of cyber impostors buying up a .com domain containing Fulan’s Sitrep. Plus,  the added exposure a custom domain name gives to the blog, and the ease of typing and recalling it would provide for the readers out there, were also considered and informed the final decision.

The old domain of still works but it will redirect to the new domain of when typed into your browser’s address bar. You will not miss anything whether you use or . However for the next two or three days, it will be best to type into your adress bar as it will take a while for to fully start running.

I pray and hope that this is a great leap forward for this blog. Many thanks to the brothers and sisters in the West especially NEB who helped to set up the whole thing from their own pockets. And also to you the readers for whom all these are done.

Best Wishes,

Fulan Nasrullah


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