Thinking Of Finishing My Book And Writing Another

A follower of this blog sent me an email asking why dont I write a book to put this whole Boko Haram thing in proper context especially from an historical viewpoint.

I was working on a book titled Boko Haram: A Silent War, that was to break down the factions and also treat the history of the Yusufiyya Movement and the revolutionary/jihad philosophy that took root in Northern Nigeria. I already wrote a first and second chapter, but I was forced to stop. Although I have material for several chapters more, I need to also conduct more interviews, travel extensively etc all these cost heavy money, and unless I get some form of sponsorship, maybe a book deal from a solvent publisher (not in Nigeria), I simply cannot afford the cost of such research.

A second book I am planning to write will focus on Muhammad Yusuf and the 2009 Maiduguri Crisis. To be able to write this book I have to talk to literarily hundreds of persons not just in Nigeria but abroad too. Calculate the hotel bills, bus and flight tickets, taxis, airtime etc and you see that such a task is beyond one man. It needs serious funding to be able to come alive at all.

So while I believe that to understand what this conflict is about we need to have excellent research literature out there for general reading, I am not rich man and unless someone with the funds buys into the idea of these books, there is simply not much I can do beyond this blog.

This blog I run it out of my ‘meatspace’ the free time I have in my rather busy life. I receive no donations or financial support from any quarter, I sacrifice my time and spend my money on the travels, calls, emailing, post mailing and research that I have to do to keep this blog running. Which by the way is a costly enterprise.

So much to do, so little resources.

I however appreciate your positive responses, your moral support and your encouragements.

Fulan Nasrullah


One thought on “Thinking Of Finishing My Book And Writing Another

  1. Fola

    Your efforts are indeed appreciated! I pray the Almighty increase your strength and replenish your resources.

    Good are doing a great job Fuulan.


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