On Claims Of Bazza And Michika Liberated

Whoever is in charge of Nigerian Army Propaganda is pretty good.

Twitter and NTA are bursting to the seams with very false reports of the Army recapturing Michika and Bazza. I quickly got in touch with contacts including residents of Michika and Bazza and surrounding villages and refugees from that area in Yola, Adamawa State and Kaduna City, Kaduna State. They all confirm to the last person that no such event took place there. There was no military attack on either Bazza or Michika and they definitely didn’t recapture any towns from the insurgents.

I will advice Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters to stop claiming victories they never got. It reminds me of the South Vietnamese who kept claiming victory until the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese were right outside Saigon.

As for NTA… That is not a media organization that bothers to investigate whatever claim it is fed by the ruling government or the military.

Some Idiots will misinterpret this posts as some sort of bizarre propaganda piece for Boko Haram.

Well unlike the Generals in Abuja and the arm-chair patriots who feel accepting stupidity from elected leaders is a sign of love for Nigeria, I have a personal stake in the fate of Borno and Adamawa States and Bazza Town in particular. I have extended family members still living in that area, and friends who have relatives still trapped there. I pray Allah Gives Peace to that region and end this conflict that has shattered lives so much.


15 thoughts on “On Claims Of Bazza And Michika Liberated

  1. Oche

    SITREP from saharareporters indicates that insurgents are attempting to take vimtim, the home town of CDS Alex Badeh and that heavy fighting is still ongoing. It is also said that insurgents used three helicopters to reinforce their ground attack against the NA


    1. OK. That’s is the most absurd story ever from Sahara Reporters. Of course there has been fighting at Vimtim but I won’t write on that yet until I have facts. The absurd part is the three helicopters. Where were the choppers hiding all this while?


  2. Seriously does it make any sort of sense? We know NAF is as good as being the Air Wing of Boy Scouts because of equipment constraints, but that doesn’t mean that Boko Haram factions would be operating three armed choppers and they were not shot down the moment they took off.


  3. My take with all this is while SR spure junt.. The do seem to get some kinda insider info probably from low ranking men.. From all I have read they seem to exist a gap between the officer rank and the frontline boots (like exist in most military) as a result rumours exist and some level of mistrust exist among some members of the lower ranks..I feel some believe that their bosses are using them as sacrificial lamps in a bid to prolong the conflicts (or even in aid of BH) some front line boots already see their under equipments, delayed payments of allowance, etc as a proof of their believe. Hence where in the case of friendly fire from joint operations (which happens in even the best most well trained and coodinated armed forces) some of this already disgruntled soldiers see this as either an attack from BH.. One major flaw that has been raised about our fighting capability is lack of communication equipments. This has been a problem even during the joint Operation Sea Dog, and Ologunmeta Joint exercises, the inability of air land and sea components of our armed forces to carry out a successful joint operation due to inability to effectively communicate. Now this is just my theory which is based purely on speculation.

    Might be Helicopters sent by NAF to support ground forces, in the thick of action fired on the ground forces (by mistake) making the soldiers in the line of fire to assume the Helicopters were fighting for BH.. The soldiers in their frustration ring up SR who see a great story and without any further confirmation went to press.

    Or it could just be that the whole story was made up from the authors imagination won’t be the first time.


  4. Fola


    Now that Michika and Madagali are back under the Army’s control, don’t you think this victory should be further consolidated on by launching forward ops on Boko Haram’s Gwoza base- thereby giving them no chance to regroup?


    1. The Army can claim all it wants. The Cyber Pseudo-Patriots can label me a Boko Haram supporter/operative for all I care, the reality on ground speaks better for itself. Anyone who cares should please try to find his way from Yola to Michika or Bazza or Madagali. The military, PRNigeria and the media who parrot whatever line is fed them are all claiming a liberation of areas that have still not been liberated…

      Time will prove the falsehood of their claims


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