Insurgents Still Control Bazza And Michika

I noticed today in some papers and on social media that the Nigerian Army claimed to have seized Michika and Bazza from insurgent control.

At risk of being tagged unpatriotic to Nigeria or a Boko Haram sympathizer, let me burst the disinformation bubble.

Third party sources I.e residents and indigenes on the the ground in those two towns confirm that there was no sort of military operation around those towns apart from the sporadic air raids. The Army has not launched ground operations in force to attempt any sort of recapture operation, and the Army definitely has not taken back any of those towns, despite disinformation to the contrary

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10 thoughts on “Insurgents Still Control Bazza And Michika

  1. Fola

    I have gathered from multiple sources (including yours) that no town has been recaptured from Boko Haram in the last month. Unfortunately, many citizens do not know this or are willfully ignoring it!

    The Konduga battles will perhaps be a turning point and would hopefully signal the start of a streak of victories for our soldiers. I must salute the courageous and brave soldiers of our military for their selfless service to our country.

    Equally, i commend the DHQ for their increased PSYOPS and attempt to control the narrative. However, the DHQ should realize that the PSYOPS would be more effective if it somewhat conforms to the realities on the ground. Disinformation could end up tarnishing their image just as the Shekau story and Chibok girls saga did.


  2. Fola

    NTA News Twitterfeed is now reporting that our soldiers have now fully retaken Bazza in Michika killing several insurgents in the operation.


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