Breaking News And A Council Of Ignorance

It has just reached me that the merger talks holding between the three factions of Sheikh Bukar Al-Barnawi, Sheikh Abu Usamah Al-Ansori and Khalid Al-Barnawi has broken down completely. My sources tell me that the three groups have reached an agreement to continuing working together as before while maintaining their independence of each other..

A side note attached to this agreement is that Khalid Al-Barnawi aka Amirul-Muhajiriin aka Soifun Min Suufil-Islam and his Harakatul-Muhajiriina wal-Mujahidiin have obtained full independence from Abu Usamah Al-Ansori’s Ansorul-Muslimiina Fii Bilaadis-Sudaan, under which they had existed hitherto as an affiliated subgroup.

Also a new Council Of Scholarly Research, Judgements and Fataawaa by the agreement of all the three groups operating in the southern theatre will be formed to provide rulings based on scholarly religious research to justify their battlefield actions, to adjudicate between the three groups in matters of dispute and to try erring fighters under the Shari’ah. This new council is said to also train the Shari’ah judges which will be dispatched to establish courts of justice across the territory they have conquered so far.

Note: It remains to be seen where they will get the needed scholars to run this council from. If there is one thing the Yusufiyya lack, it is people of knowledge. Their scholars of reference are people like Sayyid Qutb, Maududi and Muhammad Yusuf. Sayyid Qutb was to put it mildly a theological illiterate. Muhammad Yusuf was worse than Qutb.

For a scholar in Islam (except among the Sufis ad the Ismaili Shias) to be able to pass judgement or give rulings in an issue, he must be grounded in a variety of disciplines that complement one another.
Some of the conditions of scholarship are:

1. He must be knowledgeable in Arabic Grammar(Nahw), Morphology(Sorf), Pronunciation and History of the language including particular words. Having command of speech and writing is not a qualification of knowledge of Arabic.

2. He must have memorized the entire Qur’aan and the Tafsirs(Commentaries) of it and must have studied these under a scholar. Such intensive study involves also studying numerous volumes that explain the books that explain the commentaries of the Qur’aan.

3. He must have memorized a large amount of ahadith (narrations of the Prophet’s, ‘Alaihis-Solaatu was-Salaam, life). Including their grading, and Isnads(Chains of narrations), the explanations of these narrations and the histories/biographies of the narrators in the chain of narrators of these ahadith.
Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (Rahimahullah) the founder of the Hanbali Madhab(School Of Jurisprudence) said a Faqih(one who gives rulings under Islamic law) must memorize at least 100,000 ahadith. Graduates of Islamic University of Madiinah in Saudi Arabia are expected to memorize at least 1,000 ahadith on completing their 4years of study.

3. He must have in depth knowledge of Seerah (Islamic History), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Aqeedah (Creed) and Manhaj (Methodology). At Darul-‘Uluum Deoband in India run by the Deobandis it takes eight years to acquire knowledge of Fiqh and the basics of the Science of Ahadith.

Add to all these requirements the core ingredient of knowledge of Tauhiid (Monotheism) which is the foundation of the Islamic Religion itself, and others requirements you see that scholarship in Islam especially to the level of Faqih is not a child’s play. You study till you drop dead literarily.

In Nigeria today and in most of West Africa you can count on one hand the number of people qualified to be called scholars fit to issue Fataawaa or pass rulings.
None of them is a Yusufiyya. The highest level of knowledge of most of the Yusufiyya scholars we the people of the Salafiyyah Call have met and debated with on the legality of some their actions has been that they memorized Fii Dilaalil-Qur’aan (In The Shades Of The Qur’aan by Sayyid Qutb), Ma’alim (Milestones by Qutb also) and maybe some chapters of Sahihul-Bukhari and Kitaabut-Tauhiid by Muhammad Ibn Abdil-Wahab (Rahimahumaallah), and they are acclaimed by their fellow Yusufiyya as scholars. To illustrate the level of their ignorance, Sahiihul-Bukhari is a compilation of 9 volumes and about 10,000 ahadith of which they memorized maybe 200-250 ahadith, it is explained in turn by Fathaanil-Barr (The Two Fathul-Barr) of Ibn Rajab and Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalaani each having about ten volumes(total of twenty volumes) none of which the Yusufiya have bothered to study well or memorize.
Sayyid Qutb was a Muslim Brotherhood ideologist who had studied nothing of the religion’s disciplines and only knew what he read from the books of Hassan Al-Banna the founder of the Ikhwan and another religious ignoramus(though not completely illiterate Al-Banna was nonetheless a layman).

One is left to wonder at what sort of rulings the new Yusufiyya council will produce.


18 thoughts on “Breaking News And A Council Of Ignorance

  1. Abbas

    I have always doubted the possibility of a merger between these three disparate groups. Insufficient knowledge aside, what will happen to ego? This is (our) and the bane of the hundreds of so-called preachers (not faqihs) who claim to issue fataawas in Nigeria and other countries on matters they hardly understand thereby leading to the debacle we find ourselves in.

    By the way what is the sitrep regarding the fighting on the Mandara mountains?


  2. Fola

    Can’t the Intel community seize on this seeming “breakdown” in talk and try to exploit this to break the ranks of the terrorists? Surely there could be some insurgents willing to settle/negotiate with the government. I believe this could be a plausible tool in winning the war much quicker.


    1. Eh no. From what I heard it was more of a “I love you very much but I don’t think its time for us to get married now, let’s just keep living in together” kind of breakdown.

      So while they have all chosen not to merge into one group, the three of them will still maintain the already very close existing ties.

      I think the game changer is that Khalid Al-Barnawi and his own group are now independent of Ansorul-Muslimiin. Already he was becoming too strong to be under Abu Usamah for much longer. Now with this he can formulate his own independent policy in addition to begin part of the general Jihad alongside Sheikh Bukar and Abu Usamah.

      I would say expect more Iraqi style IEDs and car bomb attacks against military targets across the country.


      1. Fola

        But it was said that Shekau had Khalid al-Barnawi on the run a while back when he was clamping down on renegade members of his Shura. That he, Shekau, only readmitted Khalid Barnawi after intervention from AQIM (who pleaded on Barnawi’s behalf)?!
        Couldn’t this be a ploy to broaden the “Area of Action” beyond the presently most active centre- along the Cameroon boarder? Because it’s BH is boxed around the Mandara Mt. region. Or perhaps to rejuvenate their destroyed cells across the North (and beyond)?

        The DSS and DMI must move against this ASAP!


  3. Fola

    Now that it is apparent that neither al- Bidayah nor Zilzalah operations would ever succeed, and their territorial grab having ebbed; what can the FG offer in concrete terms to BH so as to abandon their devious & futile course completely? In order words, what none military options are available to end this avoidable human tragedy?

    I will like your thoughts on this. Thanks.


    1. Frankly. There are NO nonmilitary solutions to this conflict. The Nigerian Government has no other choice but to fight these insurgents until they kill the last of them. Now they are consolidating their hold and will attempt to seize more territory whenever they feel they have consolidated their strength enough. These guys will simply not stop until they win or are killed. Jonathan cannot throw money at this problem like Yar’Adua threw money at the Niger-Delta militants.


      1. Fola

        Then previous reports of “negotiations and talks” weren’t correct?

        If the military option is the only viable one, then it’s fair to say the present efforts are at best halfhearted. I’d suggest our Army go “the Sri Lankan way” – unleashing the entire might of our arsenal on the terrorists. Though avoiding civilian casualties. I feel the Sri Lankan struggle against the Tamil Tigers might be a good template for us to follow. But we shouldn’t copy their disregard for the Geneva Convention in fighting the insurgents.


      2. Fola

        By “consolidating their hold” I believe would mark the beginning of their ling overdue destruction! By transitioning from a Guerrilla Army to more of a Conventional one, our Army stands a better chance of ending this war much more quickly.

        It’s clear the insurgents have strength in numbers and a warped zeal to fight, I believe they’ll fall short fighting as a standing army. They simply lack the training and disciple to fight like one, thus making them easy targets for NAF jets/gunships and NA’s artillery batteries.


  4. Abbas

    In between a guerrilla and a conventional, there is the more difficult and consuming urban warfare. As you noted in one of your previous posts, fishing them out of urban centers entails the risk of our Army, used as they are to scorched-earthed tactics, appearing before ICC.

    I am not sure but its either the Sri-lankan way or many years of the same torture we are going through. Or what do you think?


  5. Fola


    In the current toxic political climate in our country, i am not certain we have a government that can adopt “the Sri-Lanka model”. The potential fallouts and acrimony from such a strategy is perhaps one reason this crisis has lasted this long. Add to that the seeming lack of a broader well defined COIN strategy by our National Security team.

    Government should be more decisive and redouble its commitment to ending this war. May be not an existential threat but it is dire enough (in my books) for the nation to mobilize massively towards defeating this monster.


  6. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems with your site. It seems like some of the written text within your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This could be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Cheers


  7. Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for beginner blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.


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