BREAKING: 2nd September Emergency Nigeria SITREP (Boko Haram

2nd September Emergency Nigeria SITREP (Boko Haram)

So far for almost 24 hours insurgent forces led by Khalid Al-Barnawi himself have been engaged in combat operations to rout Nigerian soldiers in Bama and seize control of the city. They have surprisingly entered this particular battle in force and are bringing in more reinforcements. This battle signifies a significant shift which I predicted in my previous SITREPs on this blog. I have finally learned that the name of the ongoing insurgent campaign is Al-Bidayah or The Beginning.

Battle For Bama (Ongoing)

Army Position In Bama Tenable But Desperate

Heavy fighting has been raging in Bama, the second largest city in Borno State, as thousands of insurgent fighters drawn from Harakatul-Muhajiriin and Ansorul-Muslimiin are engaging elements of the Nigerian Army’s 7 Division in a bid to seize control over the city, thus cementing their control of Bama LGA of the state, just north of Gwoza.

Fighting began 4:00am when insurgent artillery opened up on military positions in town with 60mm and 81mm mortars, 75mm recoilless rifles and 57mm AAA guns.

This bombardment was followed by insurgent infantry advancing under the cover of armoured vehicles including a BTR and several Otokar APCs and ARVs. Sources confirmed that reinforcements were rushed down from Maiduguri via the highway which is still under government control albeit under bombardment from insurgent artillery. Over 300 soldiers in a desperate manoeuvre broke through insurgent lines and retreated to Maiduguri. Insurgent propaganda claims the retreated soldiers were 500.

Airforce jets were called in several times and were largely ineffective coming under insurgent flak attack several times. An Alpha jet pilot dropped his payload on the soldiers positions after missing the smoke marker.

Confirmed three American advisors arrive Maiduguri to coordinate satellite intelligence and electronic intercepts sharing with 7 Division.

Confirmed hundreds more of insurgent forces arrive the battlefield from neighboring Gwoza LGA around 10:00PM

Confirmed Khalid Al-Barnawi and Abu Usamah Al-Ansori are around the combat zone, with Al-Barnawi said to be personally directing the Battle from the insurgent side.

Confirmed Airforce no longer in the fight as it cannot afford to unnecessarily risk equipment and personnel.

Confirmed Insurgent casualties so far over 150. Unconfirmed over 70 Soldiers dead so far, scores wounded.

Confirmed insurgents have cleared soldiers from many areas of the town but as at last check fighting is a stalemate. Gallant troops are fighting ferociously to prevent encirclement in their barracks which seems to be insurgent tactical aim so far.

More updates later.….

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