Back… After An Unexpected Forced Break

Dear Readers.

I have been absent from this blog for quite a while now and many of you were beginning to wonder what may have or may not have happened, especially those of you who were aware that some other bloggers with ties to Nigeria’s military services have pegged me as a Boko Haram supporter or operative.

Alhamdulillah (Thank God) I am in the best of states, but I have been away from the blog on research and at the same time I have had to deal with other personal issues.

To compensate for my absence I will subsequently publish a transcript of an interview with a soldier serving in the 4 Brigade (Artillery) Nigerian Army who was wounded in action while fighting in the WarZone South, specifically the attempted recapture of Damboa Town. I will also be publishing some posts about the 7 Division (Infantry) of the Nigerian Army, about the recent overrunning of Madagali in Adamawa State, the Pseudo-Caliphate supposedly declared by Shekau, the recent complete split between the other Yusufiyya groups and Shekau’s faction, and the abandonment of Michika and Mubi in Adamawa State.

To those who emailed me and who have been emailing me, I got all your emails and I appreciate the heartfelt support and the concern about my absence.

The truth must be told no matter whose ego is hurt.

Semper Vigilans.

Warm Regards,

Fulan Nasrullah,

Maj. Retd

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