From Mainstream Media.. Gwoza And More..

From Mainstream Media.. Gwoza And More..

I present to you a selection of current reports from Main Stream Nigerian Media about the situation in Gwoza right now… It lacks a detailed analysis or an understanding of the strategic concept but its insightful still.

Unfortunately some people will choose to ignore the problem and instead kill the messenger who sadly bore the bad news..
We need solutions not horse trading…

NB. I have not verified everything in these news reports. But assuming they are true, I think it is time serious changes are made in how Nigeria does things…

Military Disaster At Gwoza

The Nigerian Army 213 Battalion, Operation
Task Force Mike and 234
Battalion, based in Mubi, Adamawa state, who
engaged Boko Haram
members in a fierce gun battle retreated and
fled Gwoza town, the
residents said.
Gwoza has been in the hands of Boko Haram
militants for three days
now since they first invaded the town, killing
over 100 civilians and soldiers.
“The soldiers were reported to have been led into the battle by
Lieutenant Bayedi Martins and Lt. Colonel Agu of the 234 Battalion,
formerly Special Operations Battalion (SOB).

They had to retreat when
they ran into stiff resistance from the militants
as they advanced on
Gwoza from Madagali,” said a security source
who pleaded anonymity, on Saturday.
The source said Mr. Agu has not been found.
According to the source, “The soldiers retreated
but the militants set off
in hot pursuit, chased them and snatched one
of their tanks as well as
the driver of the tank. They then called the
soldier’s wife and informed
her that her husband was in captivity. “We are
expecting the corpses of about five gallant
soldiers that were
killed during the encounter to arrive here today
Saturday,” the source
Local sources in Madagali said about 30 Hilux pick up vans were used to bring several wounded and dead soldiers back to Mubi in Adamawa.

It is the second time in 24 hours that Nigerian
soldiers were defeated by Boko Haram in an
attempt to reclaim Gwoza. The army had
reclaimed Damboa, also in Borno, after over two
weeks of Boko Haram
overrunning and planting its flag in the town.
Army sources confirmed that about three
military alpha jets were
deployed to the area to assist in the rescue of
soldiers who might be
trapped in mountains surrounding Gwoza. The
army spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, could not be immediately
reached for comments as calls to his phones
were unsuccessful.


The dreaded Boko Haram sect have laid siege on the entire Gwoza local government headquarters for nearly four days now causing over 10,000 displaced residents to flee to
neighbouring Adamawa and Cameroon.
Hundreds others are still stranded on hilltops
and continue to lack
access to food or water, emergency and local
officials have confirmed.
In a telephone interview, the North East zonal
coordinator of the
National Emergency Management Agency,
NEMA, Mohammad Kanar, confirmed this to PREMIUM TIMES.

“I can
confirm to you that over 10,000 displaced
Gwoza residents have
fled to neighbouring Adamawa and Cameroon
“As I am talking to you now, hundreds are on
their way to Madagali in
Adamawa state and some parts of Cameroon.
We are now working
assiduously in conjunction with the
neighbouring state to assist the
fleeing residents,” he said.

He said some parts
of Gwoza, especially behind the rocky mountain
that borders Cameroon had been taken over by Boko Haram, who sacked
the residents and hoisted their flag.

Also, the Chairman of Madagali local
government area in Adamawa, James Watharda, said “Gwoza residents have
continued trooping in and for now over 7,000 have since arrived”. The
local council is making arrangement to come to
their plight, he

“We are therefore calling on NEMA and other
relevant authorities to
assist, because the scope of their needs is
beyond local government
council,”Mr. Watharda said.

A fleeing resident, Ahmad Musa, who claimed to
have witnessed the massacre of the residents by the Boko Haram sect, said the terrorists
killed adults and children by either slaughtering
or shooting them.

Mr. Musa, added that the Chief Imam of Gwoza
was attacked in his
house and slaughtered right before his family
members who later took
to their heels.

The insurgents were also said to have slit the
throat of a serving councillor, Hon. Saleh, of
Kuranabasa Ward, as well as his three children.

There are reports that many corpses still litter
the streets of Gwoza

Soldiers Wives Blockade Barracks

PREMIUM TIMES had reported on how dozens of
women and children have since Saturday
forcefully stopped military trucks from
transporting their husbands and fathers to
Gwoza. The protesters blocked the gates of the
barracks that houses the 21 Armoured brigade of
the Nigerian army. They demanded quality
fighting equipment for the soldiers.
By Monday morning, the protesters were still at
the gates, ensuring that no vehicle moves in or
outside the barracks. They were said to have
taken a short break during the nights, but
resumed before dawn.
The authorities at the barracks were said to have
reversed the orders to deploy the soldiers to
Gwoza, which was taken over by the Boo Haram
last week, as they did not want to arm the
Soldiers who moved in and out of the barracks
did so on foot without rifles or vehicles.
A soldier who spoke to journalists in Maiduguri
said “there was a stand down order on the
deployment of troops to Gwoza from Giwa
Barracks. So we are watching for now; the
women really tried and we expect the ogas
(superiors) to start thinking better arms for us, or
no deployment “.
Two separate attempts by the military to retake
Gwoza have been repelled by the insurgents
leading to the death of several soldiers including
a senior officer believed to be a Colonel.
Over a hundred people were killed by the
insurgents in Gwoza last week until they finally
took control of the town and mounted their flag.
The Boko Haram virtually burnt down the town
including major buildings like the police station,
local government headquarters, and the emir’s
Some of the surviving residents are believed to be
trapped on the mountains that link Gwoza to
On Saturday, hundreds of survivors from Gwoza,
who managed to find their way to Maiduguri,
joined hundreds of others including families of
those killed to embark on a protest in the Borno
capital. They accused the federal and state
governments of abandoning Gwoza residents and
threatened to go join Cameroon so as to secure their lives from the insurgents.

The military is yet to make an official statement
on the protest by the wives of the soldiers at the Giwa barracks, particularly on their demand that their husbands be well armed and equipped before
being sent to the war front.

The military had in the last week retaken some
other communities including Damboa from the Boko Haram, whose activities have led to the
death of over 13,000 people since 2009.

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