Patrick Sawyer, Conspiracies Arising

6th/7th August 2014

Florence Israel wrote:
Ebola In Nigeria: Patrick Sawyer’s Mission Accomplished? A doctor and a nurse dead by Ebola, seven people confirmed to go by Ebola,
Hospital matron already showing symptoms of Ebola.

What was the Liberian’s
mission if not to bring this disaster to Nigeria.
Why did he refuse to be
screened for ebola at the airport to the extent of fighting medical personnel even when confirmed ill, if not to achieve his aim? And if we are to go by several eyewitness accounts why would he intentionally throw
his body fluid at nurses caring for him if not to spread the infection? Yet he came on a diplomatic mission. Is this not enough to severe diplomatic ties with Liberia?


There are so many questions that remain unanswered about what transpired on the day Patrick Sawyer landed in Lagos. His behaviour at the airport has been repeatedly described by multiple eyewitnesses as ‘strange’ as if he knew he had Ebola already and wanted to spread it. At the hospital in Obalende, Lagos, where he was admitted and isolated until he died, he was described as ‘strangely calm’ and another source off the record admitted that Sawyer’s demeanour was as if “he already knew he was infected with the virus before he even came to Nigeria”.

These and many other reports from those who had access to Sawyer have already given rise to quite a number of conspiracies as to how the current Ebola virus transited from Central Africa to the Republic Of Guinea in West Africa. Some have even gone as far as to insinuate that Sawyer is a part of an American conspiracy to bring Ebola to Nigeria..

What do I think? I do not have access to all the information about the Patrick Sawyer case to conclude that it is or it is not an American or other foreign operation to create an Ebola epidemic in Nigeria. I must admit that his behaviour was very strange for someone supposedly unaware that he was infected. He refused to undergo screening on arrival at the airport and instead fought with security personnel who according to another source, ended up using forceful measures to subdue and test him for the virus. He is said to have based his refusal on diplomatic immunity. Unless Ebola is rabies, there is no sane justification for his spitting on the security personnel and the nurses at the airport (except if he already knew he was Ebola-positive).

If he didn’t know he was Ebola-positive then why the continuous attempts to escape testing for Ebola and be allowed into the general population of Nigeria? Trying to escape from testing after arriving from Liberia, which is already racked with an Ebola epidemic, on the grounds of diplomatic immunity is in my uninformed view, desperate and a sign of frustration. What was he so desperate about? We will never know because conveniently he is dead.

Assuming he was aware he was infected (and this is a very big assumption since we simply don’t know and can’t know if he was aware since he is dead) then why did he not report himself into a hospital? And since only a hospital or infectious disease research institute can test for Ebola, then one is left to wonder why was he allowed to walk free and head to Nigeria from Liberia, that is assuming he was tested and knew he was infected before coming to Nigeria. Then again while was he insistent on being released to enter the general population? Was he not aware of the risk he posed to the public health of Nigeria and other West African countries whose delegates he was going to minge with at the ECOWAS conference he was heading to in Calabar, Nigeria? Looking at it from these and other angles one is tempted to agree that there is more to the Patrick Sawyer saga than meets the eye.

The link below links to an article that describes how Patrick Sawyer acted like an angry man and deliberately urinated on the nurses attending to him

Fulan Nasrullah

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