War In Gaza- Hypocrisy And Genocide

“The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has denied capturing a missing Israeli
soldier after Barack Obama, the US president, called for his release as a precondition for
further ceasefire talks.
Obama made the comments at a White House news conference on Friday, after a UN and US-
brokered 72-hour truce between Israel and Hamas broke down just hours after coming into effect.
The Israeli army said Hadar Goldin, 23, went missing when its soldiers, two of whom
were killed, were attacked while trying to destroy a Hamas tunnel in southern Gaza.

“If they are serious about trying to resolve this
situation, that soldier needs to be unconditionally
released as soon as possible,” Obama said.

The Al-Qassam Brigades said:

“We have no idea
about where the Israeli soldier is or what is the

“We lost contact with the group who made the
suicide mission near Rafah after it was done. And
we believe everyone in this group was killed by an Israeli air strike including the Israeli soldier who
the Israelis are talking about having disappeared.”

The UN also called for the release of Goldin.

In a statement, a spokesman for Ban Ki-moon, said:

“The [UN] secretary-general demands the
immediate and unconditional release of the
captured soldier.”

Obama blamed Hamas for breaking the ceasefire,
while Hamas said that Israeli forces were conducting operations east of Rafah after the
ceasefire went into effect.

Renewed Israeli shelling killed more than 80 Palestinians on Friday. Fifteen of those victims,
including five children aged 3 to 12, came from
the same family whose house was destroyed.


What about the over 70 Hamas fighters captured by the Israelis? Why did Obama not also insist that they be released as a precondition for any truce talks? Or is this Gaza genocide no longer being fought under the guise of a war?

If you ask me, killing over 1,300 people 97% of whom are civilians and over 200 of whom are children, and rendering over 100,000 people homeless permanently while creating nearly half a million temporary refugees constitutes genocide.

But that’s another topic entirely. Sometimes I get the distinct feeling that all those people in Congress and the White House are vampiric in nature.. I mean the sheer callousness of ignoring such wide scale massacres is beyond human natures. Its demonic anlt the very least. However condoning it and overtly encouraging it, while claiming to he an impartial negotiator is simply not understandable in anyway..

The funny thing about Mr Obama’s statement is the part where he said if Hamas “is serious that soldier needs to be released”. I thought John Kerry was supposed to be an ‘impartial’ negotiator that is trying to broker an agreement that is favourable to both sides? Then how come Mr Obama his boss has already taken a stand that is fully tilted to the Israeli side?
After the deaths of over 1,300 people who are overwhelmingly civilians, there was no outrage or shock or anger at the mass murders from Washington, rather what we get is more American senators rushing to  give Israeli even more money to fund its genocide, and an American President whose only quotable statement since the beginning of this madness is to overlook the fact that Netanyahu started this mass murder and collective punishment based on deceit and false pretences(Hamas didn’t kidnap the three boys which Israeli officials have admitted, and Hamas does not pose a strategic or existential threat to Israel, unless falling drainpipes are about to wipe out the Middle-East’s sole nuclear power) and that Gaza civilians (including the same women and children category of defenceless persons that necessitated  the so called ‘humanitarian’ intervention in Libya back in 2011) are getting slaughtered by the hundreds each day, and to demand that Hamas release an enemy combatant (just like America has ‘released’ the hundreds of ‘enemy combatants’ at Guantanamo’) which the Al-Qassam Brigades do not even have in the first place.

Its nice to know the business of hypocrisy is still up and kicking in the White House….

Fulan Nasrullah……..

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