Questions Upon Questions


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Sometimes I will reblog posts from other blogs, share articles, videos and other materials from various sources to augment my miniscule efforts at writing SITREPs, articles and the like. However I do not necessarily agree with the opinions, politics, or theories of the sources I share from at such times.

Below is an article I felt is what sharing from Ishaq A Faruuq a Nigerian Journalist and writer who wrote this and shared it with a friend of mine who shared it with me. You can catch the original at Favour Solaahudin Dignity’s Facebook wall.


Questions Upon Questions
A Sceptic’s Perspective Of ‘Book Haram’

By Ishaq A Faruuq


The key to unlock any physical mystery in these modern times lies in our willingness and ability to engage modern tools of technology to help us detect or solve certain complex issues, be it crime, health or social issues.

To me, I have thought and come to the conclusion that we Nigerians are being taken for a ride a lot on this thing called “Boko Haram” which has continued to consume the lives of many of our compatriots daily.

I have noted that several arrests have been made – at the last count more than 500 suspects – but yet, the killings and destructions keep getting worse, and this is in spite of the huge spendings being done every year on a so called War Against Terrorism (WAT).

I have also noted that dead bodies of “suicide bombers”, or at least some pieces of their bodies, have always been picked at the scenes of such attacks, but yet, the country appears to be clueless on what to do.

I have also noted that, for each car bombing used by these “terrorists”, their number plates are always picked by our security forces along with the vehicle make, type, model and chassis numbers, but we have never ever seen or heard about any breakthrough or arrests made possible through tracking those numbers and particulars.

And I ask:

1. Why is it that Jonathan’s government is not presenting the more than 500 suspects arrested for trial even in a special tribunal if the law permits it?

2. Why is it that each time suspects are arrested over bombings nothing is ever heard about them again?

3. Now with the wide use of the DNA technology here in Nigeria, why is it that the bodies or pieces of the bodies of alleged suicide bombers picked at attack scenes have not been subjected to DNA and other bio-cultural analysis to unveil the proper identities of the dead suspects?

4. What are the identities and citizenship origins of all the arrested terror suspects? Are they Nigerians? From where? Are they foreigners? From where? What is their profile? What is the tracking ability of our security intelligence services on each foreigner that comes in?


5. Who are the owners of cars used in all the bomb attacks as traceable through their vehicle registration particulars?

6. If the security forces or government may want to tell us that the terrorists used stolen vehicles, then in the light of the current security situation, shouldn’t we be told the identities of those who reported their vehicles missing but the cars were found to have been used for terror attacks? And when did they report their vehicles stolen? Where were they stolen, and where were the cars found to have been used for terror attacks? And if the vehicles are not stolen ones, who is this person or who are these persons that own such number of vehicles that the security agencies are not telling us their identities? We know that all vehicles moving in Nigeria have their particulars in all the motor vehicles registries all across the country!

7. The Nigerian government has banned the unlicensed use of tinted car windows as a response to curtailing its use by criminals and terrorists about four years ago, but why has this measure not reduced or stopped crime and car bombings?

8. Why is it that our security forces easily track and arrest Nigerians using the internet to commit fraud, but yet unable to track and arrest terrorists who spend hours uploading their videos on the internet?

9. At each bombing scene, we have always seen the places cordoned off by security forces for forensic experts and investigators to pick pieces of the exploded materials and other stuff. But why is it that up till now no one has ever briefed the public on any result of such forensic investigations on the type, size, magnitude and likely source of the explosive devices used? We have seen such information regularly announced in countries that such things also occur. So, why is ours different?

10. What is the investigative report concerning the likely places these “terrorists” were trained, and who trained them, and when were they trained, and who financed their trainings?

11. Considering the large number of suspects arrested, it should not be difficult to get the above information, but why are we not informed of anything as is obtainable in other countries?

12. Also considering the large number of suspects in detention for a long time, and also considering the fact that the country has grappled with this problem for long now, why is it that up till now the Nigerian government and the security forces have not told citizens anything concrete about the financiers of these terrorists? And why is it that up till now no single financier has been named and arrested?

13. The Nigerian ruling party, the PDP and their government have always sponsored and encouraged the propaganda that the “terrorists” are sponsored by the opposition, but why is it that the terrorists have never ever targeted any member of the ruling party or their assets or even anything related to them? Isn’t this strange? And why are the “terrorists” more concerned with destroying the opposition states and their leaders? Isn’t this also strange that the opposition will use “terrorists” to destroy themselves?

14. Why is it that the ruling party and their government spend 5.8 billion dollars (one trillion naira) per year on fighting terrorism, but yet there is zero impact? What was the money spent on? And why are our security forces complaining of poor equipment and benefits?

15. Why is our President seeking for one billion dollars loan to fight terrorism? If 5.8 billion dollars per year has not made any impact for about four years running, is it one billion dollars that will?

16. And why is it that the more money is spent by the Jonathan regime to fight terrorism the more the terrorist attacks increase?

17. Why have whole towns and villages been destroyed under a State of Emergency rule in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states?

18. Why do “terrorists” move freely day and night under State of Emergency rule wherein there is night time curfew with some so called 20, 000 soldiers enforcing it?

19. What has been the benefit of this State of Emergency in the light of the fact that thousands upon thousands of human beings have been murdered by “terrorists” and about 6 million people have become refugees, which is worse than before the State of Emergency? And why is it that up till now nothing is being done by the federal government to rehabilitate the refugees?

20. Why didn’t late President Yar’adua and his army chief General Danbazzau borrow a dime to crush Boko Haram but Jonathan has to borrow?

21. Why didn’t President Shehu Shagari borrow a dime to fight Maitatsine but Jonathan has to borrow?

22. Why didn’t General Buhari borrow a dime to crush Maitatsine during his regime but Jonathan has to borrow?

23. Why didn’t General Yakubu Gowon borrow a dime to fight a civil war during his regime but Jonathan has to borrow to fight “terrorists”?

24. Why and how come a terrorist group that was successfully weakened and crushed by President Yar’adua and General Danbazzau his army chief transform overnight into a heavy killing industry under President Jonathan after he has appointed very loyal Chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, NIA and SSS from the same religious faith, something that no Nigerian leader has ever done? In fact, in the case of the army more than a hundred well trained top officers had to be retired for a certain General Ihejirika and subsequently General Minimah to be appointed as army chiefs respectively. Why?

25. Why did the Jonathan administration spend billions of naira on CCTV security cameras for Abuja and other major cities but abandoned the cameras without functioning? Is it so that footages and pictures of terrorists and criminals should not be captured? Why?

26. It has been observed that the “terrorists” wreaking steady havoc in northern Nigeria wear complete military uniforms, drive military vehicles, use armour tanks, use very sophisticated weapons and sometimes use shiny new Toyota Hilux trucks in their operations. How did they get all these merchandise? What is their supply route? Who places orders for them? If their supply routes are known, when was it known? And have the routes been blocked? And in the case of the shiny white Toyota Hilux trucks used by the terrorists in cities, who registered and acquired their number plates?

27. About four or five years ago, the Nigerian government made it compulsory for all GSM telecommunication networks to register all their subscribers through a comprehensive system that captures all the fingerprints and biometric features of their clients of which they will all be collated into a Central Data Base owned by government, which purpose, the government said, was to make the tracking of terrorists and criminals easy. But how and why is it that since the exercise was comprehensively conducted terrorism and crime have worsened instead of abating?

28. Why is it that up till now no military officer or even those of junior ranks have been investigated and punished for leaving their checkpoints for “Boko Haram” to pass and operate and go back through the same route in spite of countless occurrences of such cases?

For example, just recently (Sunday, July 27, 2014) the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister of Cameroon was kidnapped by “Boko Haram” across the border, and before you could say ‘Jonathan’s Committees’ the Cameroonian armed forces swung into action, traced their whereabouts and rescued the woman. A couple of days later, Paul Biya the President fired two top army generals for negligence of duty. He did not form any committee, and neither did he seek for any extra budgetary spending or loan. It was just government doing its job.

So, why is it that in Nigeria Jonathan has never ever queried or fired anyone over the glaring complicity of his armed security forces in this fraud called “Boko Haram”?

29. The Jonathan regime and its allies have always sponsored and encouraged the propaganda that the “Boko Haram” terrorists are the creation of northern elites to frustrate and destroy his government because they are bitter over losing power, but how come the “terrorists” are destroying only the north and targeting the same northern elite said to have raised the group against Jonathan’s government? Isn’t this a strange interpretation of the “Boko Haram” narrative?

30. And, very importantly, considering that “Boko Haram” has armour tanks, military trucks, military uniforms, helicopters, AA rifles, RPGs, SMGs and many other merchandise, and also considering the fact that they operate with ease at anytime they like, where did their leader Imam Shekau secure financial loan to wage war against northern Nigeria so much that Jonathan has to seek for a loan to fight him?

31. Also very importantly, what is so peculiar or unique with the Sambisa forest that “Boko Haram” cannot be flushed out of it even since before April 2014 when they took the Chibok girls? Let nobody fool us, for we know that Nigeria has a Special Forces unit within its armed forces specially trained to handle cases like routing out terrorists that are holed up in places like the Sambisa. Moreover, we have a competent Air Force and another special unit called Airborne in the army that can handle this. So, what is actually happening?

32. Finally, in the light of all the 31 queries above and their subsets, is this “Boko Haram” a False Flag Operation? Yes or No? And for each answer, why?

It should be noted that this government may not provide answers to, or even genuinely engage in the forensic examination of this thing called “Boko Haram” for obvious reasons. But I hope these questions for forensic analysis will be used by any government after Jonathan’s to unravel this thing called “Boko Haram” even after Jonathan completes a 200 or 400 years tenure as President. It will be very important for history and students of history to record the answers that may emanate therefrom in just the same way historians and sociologists are still studying Adolf Hitler. The future is greatly helped and secured by knowledge of the past. That is why we have history books, biographies, autobiographies, and religious books, which all contain stories, events and lessons of the past…

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