23rd July 2014 Nigeria SITREP (General)

Two bomb attacks hit Kaduna City capital of the Northwestern state of Kaduna, some 200km away from Abuja. The first bomb exploded at 3:00pm local time (2:00pm GMT) in a crowded square (Murtala Square) where thousands of people were exiting after attending a lecture by a prominent Sufi sheikh of the Tijjaniyah Order, Ðahiru Bauchi. Over a hundred bodies have been counted by 10:00pm local time.

The second bomb was a VBED (Vehicle Borne Explosive Device) and was an attempt to assassinate General Muhammad Buhari, ex-military Head Of State and three time presidential contender, who is also a leader of the main opposition All Peoples Congress. General Buhari was on his way from Kaduna his residence to Daura his hometown in neighbouring Katsina State, when the attempt on his life was made. Over thirty bodies have been counted at this attack which took place at Kawo District of Kaduna City.

The General later issued a statement describing in detail how the VBED chased his convoy for more than twenty minutes in a bid to ram into the car carrying the General but was prevented by the escort cars, until finally when the convoy ran into a traffic jam at the Kawo Overpass Bridge, the VBED came close enough and detonated, with the car armour playing a major role in saving the General’s life.

This comes barely 72 hours after the General spoke out against what he called President Jonathan’s ‘divisive religious politics that has taken Nigeria to the brink’, and after the General accused the President of acting recklessly and with impunity in waging a war against Nigerians in his bid to retain power at all cost.

Meanwhile, Governor Ajimobi of Western Nigeria’s Oyo State became the third Muslim governor in less than a month to be served impeachment notice by his state’s legislature which is loyal to the President. Governor Ajimobi is a Muslim in the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) like General Buhari, while President Goodluck Jonathan is a Christian ij the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


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