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All Praises belong to Allah, Who Has Made Striving in His Cause an act of worship, and Who Has Created all of creation for the purpose of His Worship, and salutations and blessings be upon His Noble Messenger, Muhammad Bin ‘Abdillah, the best of all creations of Allah, and the Termination of Prophethood.

There is a recent article I have been made aware of in Newsweek Magazine claiming to be a ‘rare interview’ with me.  I wish to clarify that I did not grant any interview for Newsweek Magazine to the author at any time.

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The Lake Chad: Bleak Reality Behind A Wall Of Propaganda

The war against the Boko Haram insurgency from the very start has been plagued by a severe lack of credible information and well formed understandings, both from the government side and from the insurgency. In the absence of credible information, analysts, so called experts, and even policy makers in the West, were forced to rely on speculations, assumptions, and tainted information to reach conclusions. The information situation only worsened as the propaganda war between the Nigerian government( and its MNJTF allies) and the insurgents took flight, until it has gotten to the point where very little information filters into the open source domain that is not a propaganda piece. Continue reading “The Lake Chad: Bleak Reality Behind A Wall Of Propaganda”

The Noose Tightens Around Maiduguri: Can It Survive A Long Grueling Siege?

The Noose Tightens Around Maiduguri


In 2014 after Shekau proclaimed the rule of an Islamic State over areas under his control in what is now understood to have been a preparatory move to his pledging allegiance to the so called Islamic State, Khalid Al-Barnawi who had recently at the time gone fully independent, announced at a meeting with his fighters that a plan had been developed to conquer Maiduguri, which was the greatest short term dream they all had. This plan had been called ‘Amaliyatuz-Zalzalah (Operation Earthquake). What he did not mention at that time was that the plan had been developed with Abubakar Shekau and Abu Usaamah Al-Ansari, before the declaration of an Islamic state by Shekau and the subsequent falling out.

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Over 4,000 Displaced In Recent ISWAP Operations In Borno State

December 11, Troops were ambushed while escorting food supplies  in full formation from Maiduguri to Bama at Ngurosoyi, and a Lt Col was killed amongst other casualties. The military truck carrying the food  was burnt down.

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Map of Nieria

Part Two Of Zaria Clashes SITREP/SITAN


The first part of this series looked at the events that occurred in Zaria from 1th December 2015 onwards. This part will be looking at the various factors that collided to create this clash, the influencers behind the scenes, and the short and long term probable effects of this clash. Continue reading “Part Two Of Zaria Clashes SITREP/SITAN”

A Situation Report And Situational Analysis On Recent Events In Zaria, Nigeria Part I





On  12th December 2015, a series of events occurred in Zaria City, Kaduna State of Northwestern Nigeria, that threaten to throw this country into greater chaos than we are already in. Subsequent to those events, a lot of disinformation and misinformation was thrown into the air by the two sides involved i.e the Nigerian military and the Shia Islamic Movement of Nigeria, as part of deliberate strategies to own the narrative of whatever is expected to come after this, from the very start.. This post is just an attempt to throw some clarity into what occurred, to put forward what I believe may likely occur, and to put certain things in  perspective. Continue reading “A Situation Report And Situational Analysis On Recent Events In Zaria, Nigeria Part I”

Attention: IS NOT affiliated to me

I have observed that over the months, a fraudulent website claiming to be a news organization called has been using material plagiarized from this blog, and has been referring to me as “NewsRescue source Fulan Nasrullah”.


This is to establish that THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP WHATSOEVER BETWEEN ME AND NEWSRESCUE or its owners and staff whoever they are. I am not associated with them nor do I wish to be associated with them in anyway at all (unless if I decide to sue for criminmaly plagiarizing  my blog material to use for profit  without permission, and using my identity to market their criminal website without my permission).

I am NOT A SOURCE for and frankly I find the idea of my being referred to as their source annoying and adding insult to injury.

I have spoken to legal associates of mine on this matter, and have resolved to find a means to unmask whoever is behind that site, with a view to instituting legal proceedings against them,  the next time they use my name and my blog’s content without my express permission to do so.


Finally let this serve as a warning to people who love to plagiarize my blog of which I am aware there are many: My blog is open for anyone to read through, mankind or Jinnkind. Read through, print it out, save it on your devices, AS LONG AS IT IS FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION. Quote my blog content in your journals, magazines and websites as long as such a quote DOES NOT EXCEED ONE PARAGRAPH. Copy my blog posts and other materials and repost them or reprint or republish them on your outlets, as long as YOU ACKNOWLEDGE WHERE IT ORIGINATED FROM AND YOU LINK IT TO THE ORIGINAL HERE, IF YOUR OUTLET IS ONLINE. If offline, seek my express written/emailed permission. I will always gladly give to you.


I am a nice guy, or I think I am, but even niceness has a limit.



Thanks for your understanding.